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Short Description

Luna Post Process is a collection of the most common Post Process Shaders

with tons of Customization Options and new Features. Is has 37 Feature Examples

just to show the wide range of possibilities. There will be more Content in the Future.

Long Description

Latest Update 4.25.3

NEW! Paper Shader

NEW! 4 Paper Shader Examples (Black and White, Blueprint, Parchment, Tron)

Feature List:

1. Feature on Demand

Most of Luna Post Process Shaders are complex,

but Static Bool Paramters at the right Places ensure

that Things will only be calculated when you really need them.

2. Lunaflow

Lunaflow stands for Maximum Usability.

Open the Lunaflow Folder. There you can find all so-called Material Containers.

Just copy and paste desired stuff from these Containers into your own Post Process Material,

connect all together, create a Material Instance from your Post Process Material,

open the Material Instance and adjust the Paramters to your needs.

3. Clear Parameter- and Parameter Group Naming Convention

Prefix Example: LPP.A01.G01.C01. [Variable Name]

LPP = Luna Post Process

A01 = Shader Type

G01 = Group within the Shader Type

C01 = Category Type

4. Slide Shading

Use the Merge- or Stack Shader Functions.

They work like superposing Slides.

5. Equilateral Triangle Grid Query

Querying adjacent Pixels on a Equilateral Triangle Grid

gives the most accurate and smoothest Result.

While classic 4 or 8 Point Queries allow using only 1 Color or

Blur Query has varying Outline Sizes depending on Shape Curvatures,

Luna Post Process In- and Outlines support up to 7 Colors and

has the same given Line Size at any point of the Shape.

6. Pixelation

You like Pixel Art Games? Good news!

Every Luna Post Process Shader can be combined with the Luna Pixel Shader.

Pixelate what you want with any desired Resolution.

7. In-Editor Showcasing

All Shader Examples can already be reviewed in Editor.

8. Gradient Coloring on the Fly

Luna Post Process comes with 8 Gradient Color Functions

to create Gradient Color Schemes without having Gradient Color Textures.

9. Full Compatibility

HLSL Syntax changes from time to time. This can cause errors in future versions.

Luna Post Process has no HLSL Code to ensure that you can even use older versions and update them by yourself without issues.

10. Lightweight Showcase

The whole Showcase Scenario is built with less Meshes and only simple Shapes for Architecture.

This guaranteed a small project size. Less time to download, quicker working.

Technical Information

1. Main Content

10 Main Shader Types

1. Equilateral Triangle Grid Lining Shader

2. Line Shader

3. Cel Shader

4. Toon Shader

5. Physically Based Rendering Night Shader

6. Normal Thermal Shader

7. Line Thermal Shader

8. X-Ray Shader

9. Pixel Shader

10. Scan Shader

3 Sub Shader Types

1. Paper Shader

2. Grid Scan Shader

3. Scan Lines Scan Shader

How to use and learn:

View the individual Showcase Platforms.

Find the Post Process Shader Example you would like to know more about.

In-Editor Mode within the Viewport click on the Showcase Platform.

Then in the Details Panel watch out for the corresponding Post Process Material Instance.

Click on the Magnifying Glas Icon to find the Material Instance in the Content Browser.

Right-Click on the Material Instance and choose "Find Parent" to find the Material.

Open the Material and see how it is done.

2. Luna Post Process Assets

24 Project Material Functions

37 Common Material Functions

8 Shader Material Functions

3 Gradient Color Textures

4 Lunaflow Material Container:

- M_LPP_A_Line_Data

- M_LPP_B_Line_Color

- M_LPP_C_Shader

- M_LPP_Z_Functions

3. Showcase Assets

3 Static Meshes for Architecture:

- Floor_400x400

- Shape_Cube

- SM_AssetPlatform

40 Character Assets:

- UE4_Mannequin + Skeleton + Armor (All Rigged with the UE4_Mannequin_Skeleton) + 9 Animations


- 5 Materials

- 4 Material Functions

- 6 Material Instances

- 8 Textures

17 Common Materials:

- 6 Materials

- 11 Material Instances

68 Example Materials:

- 31 Materials

- 32 Material Instances

6 Text Materials

1 Circuit_Black Texture


- GroundCheck_Actor

- Ground_StaticMeshActor

- ShowcasePlatform_Actor

- SkeletalMesh_Actor

- SkeletalMeshAndArmor_Actor

- SkeletalMeshAndSkeleton_Actor

- StaticMesh_Actor

- LPP_AircraftPawn

- LPP_GameInstance

- LPP_GameMode

- LPP_PersonCharacter

- LPP_PlayerController

1 EAircraftStates Enum

1 Showcase_Map

3 User Widgets:

- WB_AircraftControls

- WB_HoldKey

- WB_Text

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