Spheroid Camera

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Latest Version: 3.0.0

The Camera moves on a Spheroid and therefore combines

an immersive slight side view when zoomed in

and a normal top down view when zoomed out.

Complete Reworking from the scratch!


Less Code, more features:

- interpolated Movement

- interpolated Rotation

- stepwise or analog Zoom


- click to jump to any location

- flexible Attachment to any Actor who has "pin" as tag

- multiple Detachment Methods


- Edge Scrolling


- Controller Support for all Platforms (see Pictures for more details)

- Rotation via Buttons implemented


- Dynamic HUD shows you everything important depending on the running platform

- Code is greatly simplified now, especially the mobile part (About 50% less code!)

- Fully documented BP code


Less Settings, but more control: Adjusting your own Spheroid Camera was never that easy!


Guides and FAQs

Main Parameter

Current Location of SpheroidCamera_Pawn: The origin of the Spheroid Camera.

SpheroidEquatorRadius (Default Value 500): The horizontal radius of the Spheroid. By default 5m.

SpheroidPolarRadius (Default Value 1000): The vertical radius of the Spheroid. By default 10m.

MaxZoomOutAngle (Default Value 0°): The angle where the camera is when zoomed out at maximum. At 0° the camera is in the middle of the polar range. Increasing the angle will lift down the camera. Decreasing the angle will lift up the camera, but that results in wierd camera movement.

MaxZoomInAngle (Default Value 55°): The angle where the camera is when zoomed in at maximum. It also can start at 0°, but this angle should always be bigger than the MaxZoomOutAngle cause it should always be under that angle. At 90° and by using default values the camera is exactly at the bottom of the Spheroid. Values bigger than 90° results in wierd camera movement.